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April 13, 2010


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Audacity is freely available software which can be used to record and edit audio files.
This blog post includes a number of resources which should help you get started with Audacity.

Online training session

Clicking on the following link will play a recording of an hour long basic training session on useing Audacuty

Click the images below to see different parts of the Audacity Screen

Examples of audio edited with Audacity

Fade in and Fade out (from the effect drop down menu)

Changing the volume with the envelope tool

Multiple Tracks.  Positioned using the Time Shift tool and volumes modified using the envelope tool

Useful Links

Download the latest version of Audacity for free

Download a range of aplications, including Audacity, which can run directly from a USB Stick.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You will need to download the LAME file from this site in order to create MP3 file

Audacity Guides

Online Guide to Audacity

Printable Audacity User Guide

Where to download music, sound effects and audiobooks
The Freesound Project is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds.
The index to some 6000 free classical music performances
Free Sound Effects
Free ‘Film’ music
Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects
Free and legal music downloads
Free audio books

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