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November 12, 2008

ePortfolio assumptions, Mobile Phones and Podcasts

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I’ve just got back from a day of delivering ePortfolio workshops.   One of my workshops was quite fun as we had lots of kit to look at, raising awareness of the different types of kit

The second raised questions about assumptions  made when choosing and using an eportfolio system.

These assumptions include:

– Getting an open source system will be the cheapest option
– It’s important to get a system which is part of an existing VLE system
– A learning provider should get one system that does everything

While discussing the use of technology to capture evidence, the conversation turned to using mobile phones.  Some felt mobile phones should not be allowed in colleges under any circumstances, to the extent of using technology to block signals.    There’s an ongoing Jaiku discussion into the legalities of this.

On the other end of the scale the LSC via MoLeNET is making £4 million pounds available for colleges to use in Mobile Learning projects, allot of which will involve mobile phones, and according to my sources about 25% of these projects are being lead by colleges in the North West. Yay!  Although big funding bids aren’t essential for making use of mobile phones. I recently recorded a podcast interview with Saima Hanif, an ESOL tutor at Hopwood Hall,  who has encouraged he students to use the voice recorder function on their own phones to record and play back their conversations


Talking of podcasts, If you haven’t done so already I strongly recommend you check out James Clay’s podcasts which can be found on his blog . They are panel discussions on various elearning issues, the current one covers the 1st birthday of the ASUS eeepc and PowerPoint alternatives, and I was lucky enough to be part of the panel.

I also want to mention Dave Fords podcast. The recent ones review and compare Xerte, eXe and wimba content creation tools, which found really useful as I am currently crating content as part of my H810 Open University Course.


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