New Learning

June 25, 2010

Bury Workshop

The following video is of a Pecha Kucha presentation I delivered at Bury College about various elearning ideas.

The links below should provide further information on some of the topics covered.

Pecha Kucha
Presentations that consist of twenty slides, which are each on screen for only 20 seconds

Application that can run from a USB stick which is used to capture any onscreen image

Online tool for creating wordclouds

Online tool for creating cartoon strips (No longer free)

Create and publish online audio my making a phone call

Create interactive online posters

Dozens of free applications that can be downloaded and will run from a USB Stick

Free programme that will capture anything that is happening onscreen and create a video from it

Free downloadable application for editing and creating audio files

Free mindmapping software

MUVI Camcorders
Tiny camcorder that can be clipped or attached to almost anything (Accessories may be required)

Educational alternative toy youtube which allows cideos to be downloaded in a wide range of formats


June 14, 2010

Science Games is a new blog that lists online, mobile and console games as well as virtual worlds, which can be used to help learners get to grips with science subjects.  The games have been categorised according to which science they refer to and the suitable age range.  The blog includes photos and videos of the various games and currently includes games for the iPhone, Android phones, the Wii as well as various online games.

The Blog can be accessed from

Create a free website or blog at