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August 25, 2010

Classroom Management Software

Classroom management software allows staff to view the screens of all the computers within a teaching room or library, from a single computer.  This ensures students are not accessing inappropriate websites or going onto applications they shouldn’t behind the teachers back.  Many of the commercial options have trial versions which are available to download.

Different systems have different features, but some common features of these systems include;

–          Staff being able to block or allow internet access for an entire group or individuals (can be used to reward students at the end of a session)

–          Staff being able to restrict access to limited number of websites/applications (ideal for safeguarding issues)

–          Staff and students being able to send files to each other from individual computers.

–          Staff being able to take full control of everyone’s computer which can be used to show a presentation on individual screens rather than having to look at the screen at the front of the class.

Below are links to a number of case studies and testimonials of some of the different solutions;

*The links below are the result of a systematic web search and do not represent recommendations of specific commercial products from myself or the JISC Advance RSC.  If there are any systems you feel I have missed out, and there are case studies available, please use the comments section to let me know.*

King George V College and ‘Swat-It’ (Stop Web Access, Teacher Is Teaching). A system which was developed in house.

Preston College have used Ranger Remote to provide control within a classroom environment and to provide an alternative to an interactive whiteboard

Kings College use NetSupport School to prevent students from using email, browsing the internet and using software they shouldn’t during class.

Blackburn College who have used LanSchool to give the teaching staff control over what is or isn’t blocked and allows students to ask questions in a class without having to put their hand up.
Available via;

MidKent College have used LanSchool to manage the ICT classroom and library

Sandywell college who have used  SynchronEyes to ensure students stay focused

Hamble College (comprehensive school) use AB Tutor Control to provide staff greater control in rooms with poor layouts.

The School of Engineering at Blackpool and Fylde College have used BrowseControl to ensure staff are more focused.

Moor End College use Sanako 500 to increase communication, collaboration and support within the learning environment.


August 9, 2010

Ratemyprofessor: being a teacher in an online world: A Pecha Kucha

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Pecha Kucha presentation as delivered by Liz Bennett from The University of Hudersfield at the JISC RSC NW Annual Conference 2010

May 24, 2010

Classroom Management at Preston College

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Maksud Ibrahim is an ICT lecturer at Preston College. In this podcast he explains how the college makes use of their classroom management system to monitor and control what students have on screen during lessons.

Maksud explains some of the features of the system including the ability to view everyone’s screen from a single computer, blocking internet access, only allowing students to access selected software and websites, one to one and one to many chat and sending files between computers.  Maksud goes on to discuss how he has pushed the limits of the software so that it not only works as a classroom management system, but can also be used to deliver presentations in areas where interactive whiteboards are not available.

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