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August 20, 2010

My digital pencil case 2.0

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For the last couple of years I have been study for a Masters with the Open University.  When I began the course back in 2008 I wrote a blog post in which I listed a number of online resources which I found useful.  I have decided to revist the list and update it.

Evernote In my original list I included Google Notebook which I used to clip and store content from web pages as well as type individual notes.  In 2009 Google announced they would no longer be developing Google Notebook, so I moved over to Evernote.  Evernote allows me to clip web content, save entire web pages, upload and save pdf documents, and other content.  These resources are stored online and can be searched for and retrieved via a web site, a downloadable desktop application or an app for my mobile phone.  What I find particularly useful about Evernote is its ability to search the content of all the resources I have saved including all the text on saved web pages and all the text within the pdf documents I have saved.

Freemind In my original list I included Mindomo, an online mindmapping tool which I used to plan my assignments.  I have gone on to use mindmaps more and more, not just for planning assignments but also for general note taking.  I still use mindomo and I also use Thinking Space for taking mind map notes on my android phone, however the main mindmapping application I now use is freemind, which is free to use and available as part of the fantastic EduApps package of free applications which run directly from a USB stick.  I prefer freemind as I find it so quick to load and easy to use, although some of my collegues prefer XMind which is also part of the EduApps package.

DSpeech For this course I have had to do allot of reading which can take alot of time.  Using DSpeech text to speech programme I have converted text documents to mp3 audio files which I have listened to in the car.   I still read through the text to make sure I have all the important information, but listening to the documents is the equivalent of skim reading a long document.  DSpeech is also available as part of the EduApps package.


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