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January 13, 2010

Reflecting on BETT 2010

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A few quick reflective notes from my trip to BETT, “The world’s largest educational technology event” in London.

Assistive Technology

One new piece of tech I spotted was an iphone app which allows its users to communicate by clicking through symbols to create sentences which the iphone will read out.  The app has been developed by and is available from the itunes apps store, just search for proloquo2go.
This stand had small devices in a desk, that looked like a cross between desk lamps and microphones. When the presenter waved his arms in front of them sounds came out of the speakers attached.  Toiuching what looked like coloured mouse mats changed the type of sound produced.


An online Who Wants to be a Millionaire game filled with questions targeted at 7-14 year olds, although you can apparently create your own questions and its free until April 2010, thats FREE UNTIL APRIL 2010.

Voting kits

There appear to be more and more companies making voting kits which means more choice and more variation.  Turning Point also had a system where learners can respond via a mobile web enables device, like an iphone.

Other Stuff
Projectors that don’t need to be that far from the wall appear to be one of the big things at the moment. Epson have launched their ‘Ultra Short Throw Projector’ at Bett and its quite impressive what is can do.

I was personaly impressed with some of the science stuff including this DNA Electrophoresis kit, which comes with a number of scenarios kits so learners can pretend they are on CSI with DNA fingerprinting or on the Jeremy Kyle show with the paternity test scenario.  This is all from  Looking through their resource guide I was blown away by the range of DNA themed  kit.  Everything from Genetic Dice board games to Watson and Crick bobble heads.

Playful Learning were behind an area called playful learning which looked at game and play based learning, so as well as talks from Stephen Heppell there were young learners on the Wii.

I had a look at the SMART tables.  These are table top displays that allow for multi touch. The photo shows a game for the table which involves moving a prism so light is refracted.  I was disappointed that there weren’t more applications for this table aimed at the older learner, most of the other applications were aimed at primary school aged learners such as virtual drum kits.

If you do go to Bett I recommend getting along to the OCR stand, where a tallened artist will draw a caricature of you on a laptop using a digital pen and print it off there and then, I am also expecting to get an electronic copy via email.


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