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August 3, 2007

Time for an update

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November 24, 2006

Since my last blog I have been singing the praises of elgg at our role group meeting and encouraged everyone to have a look at my blog.  Unfortunately this was around the time the system went down.  Oh well


Tools we’ve been look at in the office recently:

Learning essentials for Microsoft office– Not had chance to look at this in detail but it seems to be a really useful free add on for Microsoft office with lots of tutorials templates and examples of what can be created with office products.


3B – You can set up a computer game style space that you can walk around and all the walls are live WebPages which can be populated from your favourites list, or images linked from other sites, such as Flickr. 


Second Life –A virtual world which I have seen mentioned on various email lists. I have been in and had a look round. To me it seems very time intensive and I am not sure of what use it could be for education.  Has anyone tried using it?

I have also started on online course through Sheffield College in Learning to Teach OnLine (LeTTOL).  Its my first time on a completely online course so I will be interested to see how it goes.

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