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August 3, 2007

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July 13, 2007

I read somewhere that in order for a blog to be successful then you should never leave it more than 2 weeks between posts.  Well its been more like 2 months so I apologise and will try to give a condensed update on what’s been going on.
We (the JISC RSC NW) are moving from a business park in Blackpool to Lancaster University at the end of the month
Jonathan Day, our manager, has moved on to bigger and better things so until a replacement is found, we are a management collective (no more money but we gain experience, so we have been told))
A few weeks ago we held our annual conference in Blackpool.  The theme was ‘Personalised Learning’ The Presentations can be found here
The next big glossy JISC publication will be about learner experiences, for a sneak peak at the resources and videos click here
I saw a presentation of by Emma Purnell, who appeared in one of the videos discussing the use of an eportfolio as part of her PGCE.  I wish I had that opportunity when I was completing mine. Some interesting quotes from Emma: “The VLE is owned by the university, the eportfolio is owned by me” “The eportfolio is something you can take with you after you have finished study” Her Video is here
Ardcalloch is a 2D, virtual town where legal students work in virtual solicitor companies over the course of a year to deal with the range of issues the town can through at them.  The main website is here and video of the students is here
Interesting presentation by Stewart Smith of the University of Manchester on Mobile Learning here
Mark Van Harmelen has some interesting presentations on Web 2.0 in HE which are on slideshare here.  He prompted me to think ‘Will Web 2.0 kill off VLEs?’ any thought on this?
MOLeNET is an initiative from the LSC and LSN to give money and support to mobile learning projects for FE colleges and collaborations in England.
Interesting DEMOS Publication Their Space: Young people are spending their time in a SPACE which adults find difficult to supervise or understand…”
I have signed up to facebook which despite not getting at first, I have now become addicted to. And I can’t put my finger on why its so good.
I have started micro-blogging, first with Twitter but quickly moved to Jaiku. Again, its addictive.
I have my microblog widget on my elgg profile page.  I wish I could have it showing down the right hand side of this blog page but I don’t know how.  Any Suggestions anyone?

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