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August 3, 2007


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Flock — the social web browser

I am currently trying out a new web browser called Flock which is aimed at all you Web 2.0 users out there.

On the whole it looks very simmilar to firefox but it has quite a few extras

Blogging- If you put in your blog account details, you can right click on any text or image on a website and it gives you the option to “Blog this” . This brings up a box containing the selected text or image. you can add your own text as well and then publish it.
Apparently this works with the following blogs: WordPress, typepad, movable type, livejournal, drupal and blogger as well as blogs the use the following APIs (what ever that means) Movable type, Metaweblog, blogger, and atom. If anyone gets to read this post then I guess it works with Elgg.

Favorites Sharing:Although ive not tried this yet, I think it gives you the option to add favorates to both your local browser and your account at the same time. It also works with Shadows accounts although ive never heard of them

Photo Service : As long as you put in your Flickr or Photobucket account details, you can click on a single button to display your photos in a bar accross the top of the screen. I like the fact they’ve included photobucket which appears to have been forgotten about in these days of flickr.

Trying to get people to use a new browser will be an uphill struggle as everyone is used to either firefox or i.e. but I recomend spending some time trying out this one as it appears to have some very clever features.

Blogged with Flock

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