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August 3, 2007


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October 17, 2006

Last week we had a subject specific event to show how eLearning could be used for business studies.  As part of this I gave a talk on how find resources using sites such as NLN materials ( , Ferl (  Intutes virtual training suite (  I had a bit of time left over so I mentioned the intutue  Internet detective (|) which is a nice little interactive course which can help students with various tip and rules regarding serching the internet.  It can also be downloaded and installed on a VLE.


One of the most enthusiastic presentations of the day was about using the Turning point voting system in a classroom.   This kit comprises of about 30 hand held pads  with  numbered buttons, the students are shown a question on a powerpoint slide, they vote usinig the pad, and the results are instantly as a graph. We loaned out a kit to a college who used it with a group of students assigning them multi choice questions.  In the past they had tried this by getting the students to hold up different coloured card, although this had worked some students had waited until they saw what cards their friends were holding before they decided what to do.  Apparently the students loved using to voting kit and the only problem was getting them to calm down after using it.  Personly I think the main advantage of the voting kit is its anonymity which would be ideal when asking students for their opinions.  Plus it has a nice little built in hangman style icebreaker quiz.


For the first time at one of these events we used an online survey to get feedback.  We used  Free Online Surveys ( to do this, but don’t let the name fool you, its only free if you have a limited number of questions and recipients.  Our survey included a range of multi choice and free text questions.  The website presented the results as impressive animated graphs as well as downloadable excel spreadsheets.   One prolem with the survey was the website address to access it was about 3 lines worth of nonsence.  So we used tiny url ( to give us a short web address.  If you haven’t used tiny url before I highly recommend it, it coverts long web address’s like this (our location in multimap) into a short address like this

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