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August 3, 2007

e-assesment and copyright

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January 26, 2007

Its been another busy week so I’m going to use this time to catch up and reflect, so I apologise if it turns into a random stream of consciousness.

On Tuesday I attended a Netskills course on e-assessment, which amongst other things introduced me to the IMS QTI standard. This is similar to SCORM which is a standard used by different eLearning products to communicate with each other, however QTI is specifically for e-assessment. This means that a multi choice exercise can be written with this protocol and then dropped into a range of different products.

I have already created self assessment exercises using products like Eclipse crossword creator and the self assessment quiz’s available in eXe. This course was my first change to try out baked potatoes. This can produce a range of e-assessments including interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises. These can not only be self assessments but they can be set up so the marks are recorded. Did I mention its free? (with caveats attached). am hoping to use it soon to create content for my educational technology moodle course.

Another product we looked a was Technologies for Online Interoperability Assessment (TOIA). . This is a JISC funded service which allows UK further and higher education institutions to create a range of e-assessment exercises which are then hosted by TOIA. Again this is free, although only for UK further and higher education institutions.

Yesterday I attended an eLearning copyright event which was run by JISC Legal Jason Campbell was great at making what could have potentially been a very dry subject into something to get excited about. When visiting colleges I sometimes feel that copyright can be used as an excuse not to allow anyone to create any e-learning content. It was clear by the number of questions that were asked over the day that copyright issues were important. Jason was great at answering all the questions put to him, and also gave some good general advice, such as the importance of making copyright training part of staffs induction programme and ensuring everyone is aware of the policy. He also made it clear that although we shouldn’t ignore copyright issues we shouldn’t be too scared of them either.

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