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August 3, 2007

7 Things

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January 05, 2007


I have just discovered “7 things you should know about…”  This is a collection of pdf pages which give simple explanations on a range of topics and their education value.  They have been produced by the Educause, an American organisation aimed at developing IT in Higher Education.  Each of the 7 things sheets includes


         what it is

         how it works

         where its going

         why it matters to teaching and learning

         A scenario of how it can be used


The topics covered include;


         Google earth



         Mapping Mashups

         Virtual worlds

         Google Jockeying

         Instant messaging


         And lots more.

Click here to see an check out the “7 things you should know about Google Jockeying”


And click here to see the full list of the “7 Things you should know about…” sheets


I am impressed with the sheets, its just a shame they are hidden away.  I would also prefer them as web pages rather than just pdfs.



If you have the latest version of firefox you should also install the dictionary from here

This underlines and misspelled words as you type them into a blog or online form



You can add an instant messenger to any website you are viewing by adding in fount of the URL e.g.



If you have a website, blog or social network site, you might be able to add an instant message widget from meebo via  Having said that I can’t find a way of adding it to my elgg blog.



If you, like me, want to get rid of the pounds put on over Christmas, is a social website for getting fit. 


6. is a site with lots of resources to help you learn pretty much anything.


7. and have collections of videos which show you how to do anything from placing a bet to playing the guitar to preparing for a job interview to making a sticky toffee pudding.

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